Make your annual staff gathering, held at Sharewood Camp a memorable event for all your employees. They can turn-up in large numbers to enjoy and connect with their local and international colleagues.

Team exemplary performance can be recognized, the company’s highly motivated internal work culture highlighted and future challenges launched in an exclusive motivating environment.

Also, this day could turn to be the employees’ annual families’ reunion event. A simple way to tighten the relations between the different and numerous team members, letting their respective family members appreciate what the company is providing them with.

Proposed Programs

Run For Fun Day
The program includes a series of team competition games, treasure hunts
and lots of challenging tasks.

Reunion Day
Getting together, having fun while enjoying the variety of standard outdoor, social and animation activities for adults and children; participants will rotate on all activities freely the whole day.

You can spice up your day with some Team Building for Results games; ask for details.