Why pay-for-performance is the best way to reward your best employees?

– Knowledgeable and attentive employees account for 80% of the reasons
consumers feel satisfied.

– Fewer than one in four workers is working at full potential; half of all
employees do no more than directly asked, and 75% of employees say they
could be more effective in their jobs.

– 70% of unhappy customers abandon vendors because of poor service.

– A 5% increase in customer retention can increase lifetime profits from a
customer by 75%.

At Sharewood Camp, we offer you Family-Focused Incentive Programs (FFIP) as the ultimate motivator for your top performers.

FUN: Your goal is to create fun family time, as well as to stimulate the children’s
understanding of all that the company does for their family.

ACCESS: Access to their parents is important to children of top performers, who are
busy often, so this event will be a great family reunion.

MONEY: To save money on rewards distributed.

INDUCEMENT: Regularly motivate your employees to increase their productivity by
rewarding them for their exceptional performance.

LOCATION: Family-sized camping resort, located in the heart of North Metn, 10
minutes away from Bikfaya, 15 minutes away from Broummana and Bhamdoun and
20 minutes away from Jal El Dib.

YOUNG & OLD: we propose a variety of programs that include age-appropriate
activities, allowing parents and their children to benefit from an exclusive place
where all ages can have maximum fun.

Call us now and we will have the pleasure to send you our standard and fully customizable packages.
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May 11, 2015 |