What is the deal?

Each year thousands of Lebanese, regional and overseas individuals will visit Sharewood Camp searching for adventures and experiences that will offer them unforgettable memories of their holiday.

Sharewood Camp provides your business access to the Outdoors, Families and MICE tourism markets through a low cost, effective, means of advertising on our very high traffic website. Our packages offer excellent targeting capabilities that allow our advertisers to reach their target audience in a very effective manner.

Sharewood Camp Website offers a wide range of advertising opportunities from simple listings to banner ads to full page sponsorships on our site or in our bi-weekly e-newsletter, The Great Outdoors. A “Campsite & Website” sponsorship formula is also available; this option will grant the sponsor the direct exclusivity for its products/services at our campsite and website. These opportunities are customized to meet a particular institution’s or product’s branding strategy and budget.

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