Palm Island is the largest of the three islands, covering an area of 180796 sqm and is flat with no obvious relief; its highest point is only about 6m above sea level. The earthen middle separates a rocky shoreline extending from the northwest to south, and a sandy beach extending from the north to the east. The island contains evidence of past periods of human occupation in the form of a fresh water well, an old Salinas and the remains of an old church that date back to the Crusader period.

Sanani Island covers an area of 45503 sqm south east of Palm Island. It is mainly rocky with a partially sandy shore that resembles that of Palm Island.

Palm Islands Nature Reserve - North LebanonThe smallest island, with an area of 34.903 sqm is located north west of Palm Island. Ramkine Island is mostly rocky and rises to about 12 meters above sea level. The island contains the remains of a lighthouse in addition to cannon emplacements and underground galleries that were built early this century. A solar powered navigation light has now been installed in the tower of the old lighthouse.

This day will include:

– Boat cruise with learning fishing

– Lunch Box

– Swimming and doing some beach sports as snorkeling and sea do driving

– A walk in the island with necessary explanation

– We can also visit the old souks of Tripoli city

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