Each company Department can now hold an Annual Retreat in a natural
healthy environment. Managers, staff members and new recruits alike
gather for a day or a weekend of talks, posters, food, fun and games.

Besides providing an opportunity for everyone to catch-up with friends, and
refresh their memories on what everyone is up to (projects and otherwise),
the Department retreat is the perfect opportunity for new recruits to meet
their colleagues and to familiarize themselves with the most important
asset their Department has: its people.

Choose your next departmental retreat at Sharewood Camp and enjoy
private meeting facilities and healthy menus while breathing pure oxygen
under pine trees.

Meeting / Conference Tent (6m x 10 m) for up to:

– U shape 25 persons
– Classroom 50 persons

Upon request Services
– Coffee Breaks
– LCD projection
– Flip Charts
– Sound System

Wireless Internet is available.

Want to know more? Call us now and we will have the pleasure to assist you!