Strategic Location
Sharewood Camp – the Family Entertainment Center – 20 000 m2 expandable to millions of sqm of preserved wilderness, is strategically situated close to various cities in the North Metn like Dhour El Choueir, Bikfaya, Baabdat, Broumana and Mtein in order to offer distraction and happiness to families through fun attraction for youngsters and adults.
Routes Guide
From Broumana/Baabdat:
Shalimar Round About
There is Gas station Haddad
Mar Moussa (pass by convent)
Al Khalleh (Sharewood Camp place)

From Bikfaya:
Toward Dowar
Dhour Choueir
Bois de Boulogne
Banabil (you pass across a convent)
Al Khalleh

From Zahle:
Towards Mrouj
Bois de Boulogne
Al Khalleh

From Aley/Bhamdoun:
Towards Mdeirej
Al Khalleh.
Google Maps
Just log on to Google Maps ( and search for Sharewood Camp; you would be able to find us and locate the site very easily!!!
GPS Coordinates
Latitude: 33.897642º N
Longitude: 35.731708º E
Altitude: 957 m

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